Fantastic Match up between 2 fast paced possession style teams going scoreless in the first 22′ of the game.

Spartans FC opens up the charge with a hard combination to goal in the 22nd minute by David Hernandez, winner of last years NPSL Golden Boot, for the first of 4 goals.  Goal assisted by Omar Gomez.

Christian Martinez scored at the 27′ with a rocket from 25 yards out. Christian celebrated, as this was his first NPSL game back after almost a full year out from a broken leg in a game on the same field last May.  Goal assisted by Roberto Farfan.

Goal 3 was a sneaky flick over the keeper in the 34′ by Evans Omani whom scored the winning goal for FC Nania in the 2011 Ghanian FA Cup.  Goal assisted by Omar Gomez.

The final of 4 goals came from a PK drawn and taken by Josemaria Portillo of Paraguay. Real San Jose continued to put Spartans defense under pressure to the finish, never letting up until the whistle blew at 92′.  

Post game, players from both teams headed over to the taco tent provided by Spartans FC and team sponsor “5 de Mayo” to enjoy a feast of burritos and tacos to end the hard fought match between two powerful teams.